Please click on the below to see each feature of the Diet Feeder.

The feed all diet feeder range is designed and manufactured in Ireland by Desmond Condell Engineering.

Our chassis is designed and manufactured with strength and durability in mind. Our single auger machine comes standard with 8 stud axels and a spring suspension. We use a spring suspension to facilitae customers doing road work with their machine and also customers working in bumpy or uneven yards. Our twin auger machines use a 10 stud heavy duty commercial axel and a torque arm suspension as standard.

All machines in the feed all range use a 25mm floor and 8mm wall as standard.

All machines use a two speed reduction box and a heavy duty planetary gearbox to drive the auger.

The auger itself starts with a narrow taper, incorporates a higher pitch and has a large mixing circle than any other feeder in its class. The auger is fitted with 9 cutting blades which are mounted parallel to the floor to ensure a shorter mixing cycle. The auger also contains a unique tempered, bottom sweeper which drastically improves auger life.

Our standard machine is equipped with 2 large opening doors. (Hydraulically) operated trays mean you can discharge the feed where you want to with minimum waste.

We offer a variety of extras when ordering a new machine. From the colour of the machine to the number of doors or ryres required. We can build the machine to your exact specifications.

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